Our mission is to seamlessly integrate the timeless allure of vintage furs into our contemporary fur collection, forging a bridge between the past and present. By adding a curated vintage fur offering to our existing collection. We want to meticulously curate and repurpose vintage furs, breathing new life into each piece through innovative design, traceable sourcing, and sustainable practices, echoed in our existing commitment to the Fur Mark program ( for our contemporary collection.

We invite our customers to embrace a sophisticated, sustainable, and timeless approach to luxury fur – not your grandmothers’ furs!

We not only want to craft an exceptional contemporary fur collection but also to inspire a conscious consumer and an appreciation for the heritage and artistry embedded in furs new and old alike. By seamlessly blending the past and present.

Rachel herself, 4th generation in the fur trade is driven by her passion for sustainability whilst preserving the legacy of fur craftsmanship, we aim to create collections that resonates with the consumer.

Through thoughtful and responsible curation, we aspire to showcase the inherent beauty of vintage furs alongside our contemporary collections. Transforming them into luxurious, one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with a contemporary audience, or keeping them just as they are and preserving their origin.

Our Services:

  • Cleaning & Storage
  • Sourcing, Selling & Purchasing
  • Restyle, Repair, Reconditioning and Remodelling

Please feel free to contact us on for any further information on our offering and services