Consumer trends now place a huge focus on the concerns of overconsumption. Unsustainable practices continue in fashion and we hope to offer an alternative from this. Rachel London continues to create garments and accessories at a high level of responsibility; we hold this in line with standards set forth by international governing bodies. We recognise that social and sustainable responsibility is a process that depends on proactive collaborations and development over time. We are looking to constantly evolve and continually aim to improve.

Natural fur is clean, eco-friendly, renewable, durable and is biodegradable and sustainable at every stage of its production



With a continued commitment to responsibly sourced fur, you can have confidence that we aim to be set apart from other companies and brands. We know the modern consumer is more aware then ever in regard to the origin of their products; they want to know how and where their products are produced. We are committed to making beautiful garments and accessories without plastic or plastic toxins that are biodegradable, to help reduce our impact on the environment. Our collections include an offering of new furs and items crafted from unused and unsold fur pieces.


Fur is an artisan craft, which allows past items to be carefully stitched together to create what appears to be a uniform fur piece. With this in mind we aim to tackle the backlash and take a stance against overconsumption in fashion and the industry. Each of our coats and accessories are made with artistic and creative skill, we have no aim to overproduce items. We want to show people that fur can and will be recycled, reused and made responsibly with little to no waste. We can make beautiful coats without overproducing. Fur can be recycled and can be responsible and used for many generations.



We look to offer safe and healthy working conditions throughout our entire supply chain. We seek to partner with suppliers who share a common vision of responsibility, sustainability, accountability, transparency and high standards of animal welfare and work welfare. We currently require that all our suppliers meet our standards, social responsibility and the use of safe and better materials. We source and design everything in house and have full control over our manufacturing process and entire supply chain. Excess stock is never wasted and always redesigned or altered to create a new purpose and appeal. We make every effort to use products that are recyclable or have recyclable content and opt for solutions that can be reused and have biodegradable contents.


Watch this space for more information on the Launch of the “Fur Mark Program” in early 2020




We continue to commit to responsibly sourcing fur. By offering transparency and traceability, for all of our products, the whole way through the supply chain. Rachel London works closely with trusted auction houses; Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, Sojuzpushnina, NAFA; dressers and dyers MIB, SPV and Conceria Bergamsca.


The auction houses are known for selling the best quality fur by the use of only the best practices for fur breeding by following specific animal welfare guidelines, international laws, regulations and industry codes of practice that continue to tightly regulate the fur trade. These ethical policies address everything from animal welfare to environmental impact and will all come under the new umbrella of “Fur Mark”.


We make it our mission to be involved and oversee every part of the process, providing sustainable, traceable and ethically sourced products to brands and the consumer. As part of our on-going commitment to the future of the fur trade and responsible sourcing of fur, Rachel is the current Vice Chairman on the British Fur Trade Association and commits to the IFF regulations and codes of practice including the international convention; cites (convention of international trade of endangered species)


We are also proactively involved in the Saga Furs “Traceability System (STS” scheme that will become an integral tool in the trade and have a huge impact on the way we source our furs. The scheme has seen the following actions take place; farm certification, product traceability and a huge improvement in animal welfare.


“Through its operating policy, Saga Furs steers development, for example, by refraining from selling pelts that have not been produced, at a minimum, according to the conditions stated in the revised recommendations of the Council of Europe or other national regulations.” Saga Furs.


Rachel is fourth generation of her family in the fur trade; she draws on her extensive knowledge and contacts to work with only renowned, trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. This ensures the origin of the material and compliance of European laws and regulations. Thus, allowing full control through every process of the supply chain and manufacturing process. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle


Reuse, Reduce, Recycle