The collection features a wide range of premium-quality farmed furs such as Mink, Fox, Rex, and Raccoon, all in a wide selection of colours and cuts, from carefully selected quality controlled suppliers.

The brand offers transparency and traceability from origin to finished product. 

Rachel is the fourth generation of her family in the trade draws on her extensive knowledge and contacts, in order to work with only the best and most trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers.

It is of great importance to Rachel that her “Fur” is responsibly sourced and she therefore works closely with trusted auction houses Saga, Kopenhagen Furs and NAFA.

These auction houses are known for producing the best quality furs and recognising only the best practices for fur breeding using animal welfare guidelines. 

International laws, regulations and industry codes of practice tightly regulate the fur trade. These ethical policies address everything from animal welfare to environmental impact. For more information on specific laws and regulations please visit the IFF website @

The collection is produced in various locations such as Italy, Greece, Hong Kong and China.

This allows Rachel to draw on each location's areas of expertise. For example Italy is know for its expertise in tanning, dyeing and printing techniques. Greece fur workshops are famed for their workmanship, Hong Kong and China for their attention to details and work intensive knitted fur and piece products. 



BFTA - British Fur Trade Association

IFF - International Fur  Federation

Fur Futures Initiative