Rachel Zeitlin, who represents the fourth generation of her family in "The Fur Trade",  and has established her annual collection as one not  to be missed.  It features fashionable, ready-to-wear fur pieces that are luxurious and yet affordable. 

From an early age Rachel was immersed in the world of fur under the influence of her father. Rachel together with her cousin started their first venture with Fur-lined and trimmed denim jackets. Some 12 years later in 2010, while still working in the world of Fashion photography, Rachel formed Fur Apparel and Accessories. 

The focus of the collection is and has always been THE FUR ACCESSORY, as well offering a wide range garments. Rachel believes fur is the perfect luxury accessory to complete any outfit. "Life has to be accessorized" Rachel Zoe c.2010 

Rachel’s experience in fashion photography allowed her to work with prestigious photographers, creative icons and agents such Art & Commerce and Steven Meisel, CLM and Russell Marsh and more recently Kayte Ellis Agency. During this time she had the opportunity to work with clients including CAR SHOE, Company, Davidoff, Elle, Esquire, Gap, GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Harrods Magazine, Kenneth Cole, Nintendo, Universal Music and Zanussi. 

Rachel of Rachel Fur Apparel and Accessories is a proud member and board member of the British Fur Trade Association. Additionally, Rachel Zeitlin is a representative for the Fur Futures Initiative, which is part of the International Fur Federation. FF is an international initiative that seeks to provide support for future generations in the fur industry. In early 2015 Rachel was nominated to be one of four UK Council delegates for the IFF (International Fur Federation)